Choose Hair, Choose Timeless Hair Transplant

The Timeless  London Hair Transplant Clinic is dedicated to surgical and non-surgical treatments of hair loss in both men and women.


Our objectives is to provide state-of-the art service with professional care in order to achieve maximum patient’s satisfaction and excellent results.


These can only be achieved by strict quality control at every step starting from initial consultation, through the operative procedure and until the final outcome.



All consultations and procedures are conducted by Dr Luciano Sciacca and his team.


The consultation is carried out at Timeless London Hair Transplant Clinic's office, in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere, where all fears and frustrations along with emotional and physical aspect of hair loss are discusses and treatment options are planned together with Dr Luciano Sciacca and his team. 


Our mission


Client is our first priority. Timeless London Hair Transplant Clinic is committed to provide the highest standard of services to our patients.


Our mission is to advance the art and science of hair restoration through clinical practice and research. We aim to provide our patients with the most natural results achieved in the shortest possible time. 


Despite all the advancement and medical treatment for hair loss and promotion of gadget, most of them just appear to be a Band Aid solution to the problem.


The ultimate and time tested answer is always Hair Transplant Surgery. 


At Timeless London Hair Transplant Clinic, we use only client's own naturally growing hair.


Hair loss restoration is no longer a painful or risky experience to client. The hair restoration process has changed dramatically from the hair plug method that was done decades ago to the latest less invasive methods (FUE, FUT)


Dr Luciano Sciacca uses microsurgery techniques that minimise pain and offer shorter recovery time.  We are committed to give our client the natural look and softening apperance that desire.


We do not use any synthetic fibres or others people’s hair.