Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Mesotherapy and Micropigmentation are considere a valid alternative in those case when FUE or FUT are not indicated.


Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure used to inject vitamins, homeopathic medicines, vitamins, minerals and amino- acid and herbs into the skin with the goal of improving the look and feel of the body. 


Mesotherapy has now been successfully used for the treatment of cosmetic conditions, including skin rejuvenation, stretch marks reduction, localised fat reduction as well as hair restoration.


Mesotherapy for hair loss

A team of specialist at Timeless Hair Transplant Clinic will evaluate your case, decide if mesotherapy is a good solution for you and plan the lenght of the treatment. Mesotherapy is particularly recommended:


- To create a healthy environment for hair transplant


- To treat thin and/or devitalized hair


- To treat non-androgenic alopecia


- To repair hair prematurely damaged by environmental and physical    irritants (sun, pollution, diet, medication, chemical hair treatment, hair extensions)


- To stimulate hair growth and scalp health


- To provide the dermal papilla with the nutritional elements required for hair growth.


The primary component of hair fiber is keratin. Research has proven that the durability and resistance of hair fiber to degradation under environmental stress stem from the high amount of sulfur which comes from the amino acid, cysteine, by ensuring a permanent bio-availability of cysteine, optimizes the production of keratin proteins.


The cells in hair follicles produce all the keratin they require from the nutrients supplied via blood vessels of the dermal papilla.


Any reduction in the blood and oxygen supply to the scalp results in increased hair loss, damaged hair and slow re-growth. It is therefore essential to restore an efficient micro-circulation in order to enhance or re-establish the phenomena of tissue exchange which ensures good dermal papilla function.


The vasodilator activity of the PTMBP also called buflomedil, helps to increase blood flow and therefore to irrigate and oxygenate the scalp.


Mesotherapy cocktail is particularly rich in vitamin B which prevents hair loss and regulates sebum secretion and dandruff caused by the buildup of cellular debris which asphyxiates the hair follicles. Graying is also reduced by Vitamin B.


The Micro Hair Tattooing process is carried out with state of the art computerised equipment.


Moreover, it is necessary to use an array of sterilised single-use micro needles especially manufactured to penetrate the dermal layer of the skin.

Micropigmentation for eyebrows

Then a range of shadows and pigment tones especially blended to guarantee a hair follicles replica coherent with the specific size, form and density of the hair and micro hair replications is applied. In all the treatments, different scalp pigmentation techniques must be applied in order to achieve outstanding results and a completely natural appearance.


Typically the treatment is done in two –three sessions depending on the circumstances. Quite often it is necessary to do three sessions, mostly in those cases in which a scar hair camouflage is required as part of the treatment.


The Micro Hair Tattooing process has been specifically designed to be a safe process, by using completely sterilised and disposable consumables.


The clients that have gotten the Scalp Pigmentation haven't experienced any kind of side effects, although some clients can feel temporary discomfort during the treatment.


If necessary, it's possible to receive anaesthesia; nevertheless, the majority of the clients don’t require it. After the treatment, the skin may be slightly red although it will recover its appearance in just a few days.


Also, the new hairline may have a more defined appearance immediately after the dermopigmentation treatment due to the fact that it can take up to a week for the hair line to fade.